Rating your cyber resilience

Preparation, detection, response, and recovery are the pillars of a successful cyber resilience program. These steps can keep your organization functioning even when hacked or sustaining an inadvertent breakdown. Don’t confuse cyber security and cyber resilience. They are different terms, although an organization needs both activities to mesh well. MIT Sloan Management Review drew a […]

How cyber resilience works

Cyber resilience and cyber security may sound similar, but there’s a difference. Think of cyber security as the all-around approach to safeguarding your system and cyber resilience as the ability to anticipate and respond to threats if they do enter your system. The threats can be hackers or just an inadvertent mistake, but the resilience […]

People overlook easy protection

More people need to take preventive action to avoid hackers and other bad actors. Twitter’s revelation that only 2.3% of its active users have Two-Factor Authentication is more proof of people leaving themselves unnecessarily vulnerable. It’s especially true on Twitter, which, as wired.com put it, “suffers account takeover epidemics on a regular basis.” While Two-Factor […]

First, you’re hacked. Then you’re sued.

As if getting hacked isn’t bad enough, customers and employees can sue your organization for not providing better computer security. Lawsuits are building against companies that have been shut down when hackers seized their computer systems and demanded ransom. The suits allege suffering caused to individuals and businesses when suppliers stopped working while they dealt […]

How to improve email protection

One of the best methods to avoid hackers is a strong, automated email defence. This can prevent fraud, phishing and other attempts to compromise your email system and let intruders get inside your computer network. To frustrate hackers, beef up your defences with proven technology that works exceptionally well with Microsoft 365 and other systems. […]

Hackers target big industries that pay ransom

The energy industry is drawing more ransomware attacks. The reason: Energy companies have been paying ransom to regain control of their computer systems. “We have energy moving from the 10th-most-targeted industry last year to No. 4 this year. Once an industry starts paying, attacks increase,” cyber-security expert Jim Guinn told the Wall Street Journal. In […]

Cyber liability insurance tips

You should consider cyber liability insurance if your company collects identifiable personal information in digital format. Insurance can be valuable protection in case a data breach or a cyber-attack endangers the confidentiality of that information. Depending on the policy, the insurance can help cover numerous legal and administrative costs. Shop around Cyber insurance is relatively […]

Cyber insurance wants to know…

A cyber-insurance company will have many questions to ask you before agreeing to write a policy. Be smart and make sure your company has taken all these steps before you apply for insurance. Do you have a perimeter firewall, which is the main defense in the perimeter of your network. Firewalls are needed to find […]

Hackers hit firms large and small

Hackers make headlines when they strike huge pipelines and major meat processors, but they also can target small and medium businesses. Ransomware, unfortunately, is a growing problem – an estimated $350 million was paid last year, three times the amount paid in 2019. Although law enforcement recommends against paying the ransom, many businesses choose to […]