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Building & Managing Secure IT Solutions.

BizCom Global manages your Cloud and physical IT assets ensuring work productivity, security, and compliance needs. Our team brings a first-hand understanding of technology, security operations, and finance helping business thrive.

Increase productivity
& strengthen security  with Personalized  IT Solutions  

Organizations are expected to increase productivity and improving the bottom line all while providing the most up to date equipment seems impossible. The demand for highly qualified professionals with the technical expertise needed is hard to find. By partnering with BizCom Global, that goal is no longer unattainable. Not only do we employ the best and the brightest, but we are also able to provide a customized IT Management plan that delivers the security solutions you need.

Managed IT

Keeping an IT environment running smoothly requires constant attention and a highly skilled staff that is readily accessible. Many organizations are overwhelmed by rapidly changing business demands and the ability to retain proper IT talent.

Help Desk

Regardless if you want your onsite team to coordinate all your technical needs through our technical services engineers or if you want to empower your team and have them directly work with our end user help desk, BizCom Global has the solutions. Our trained team is available based in the schedule that you want for your office.

Remote Monitoring & Maintenance

BizCom Global offers all the tools you need for comprehensive IT monitoring when you have an internal IT team and want  full visibility and management, this lets you escalate workloads to overflow or coordinated teams. 

as standard

BizCom Global  is CMMC-AB  RPO,
a new information security compliance framework to help secure systems and networks. 

Being certified  helps ensure the protection of Federal Contracting Information and Controlled Unclassified Information by reducing  cybersecurity risks. 

We offer  organizations  solution-based  services  assisting with Compliance,  Regulation, Security,  MFA’s,  Email threats,  Internet Security Training, and  the necessary tools to increase productivity.  

BizCom Global Partners for Success

By becoming a Partner for Success, organizations can focus on what it is you do best and we will focus on all aspects from the technical side. From Servers, hardware, software, and cloud-based applications, we work hand-in-hand to deliver uncompromised service; being a conduit to your success.  

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Managed IT Services, Cyber Security and Networking Solutions, Provided by BizCom Global.

Our full-service managed IT Solutions allow you to focus your attention on your core business functions, while BizCom Global supports your business technical, security and productivity needs including cloud and on-premises network and endpoint (computer, notebook, tablet, and phone) support and, information protection services. With our experience, we provide secure, scalable, and reliable IT Services and IT Consulting Services backed by our credentialed technical team.

Digital Transformation

This is the fundamental change in how we connect disparate worlds; seamless integration to all digital tools, interfaces, and communications into one simple way of interacting for the purpose of empowering employees, engaging customers, and optimizing resources, transforming products, and innovating business success. 


BizCom Global will develop a plan to your optimal design. Working with you, we will examine the span of your operations, the system load and capabilities of your team, and storage, capacity, data, and application availability. We will develop specific workload classifications, dependencies and security as well as foundational architecture and the overall technical design.


Whether it’s a “simple” email migration or a complex change of CRM systems many aspects are similar. It is important to note that even simple migrations often are more complex than most companies realize.