Hardware, Software, Cloud Computing, IT Security  – Where Do I Start? 

Top-notch IT products and services are obtainable for your business when you partner with us and our alliances with leading suppliers.

All roads to IT peace of mind start here

BizCom Global’s 5 Pillars model shows how technology can enhance, not hinder, your goals.  Whether you engage with us on one or all 5 Pillars, our aim is to offer you a strategic perspective on integrating technology for your business success.

The truth is, we talk about our 5 pillars as distinct, but really, they’re all interconnected.  Cybersecurity best practices make up significant portions of many Compliance regulations. Managed, or Joint IT Operations tactics and tools will be strongly dependent on the nature of your local, Cloud or hybrid networks, as will the policies and procedures you have in place for Business Continuity.

That’s why no matter where you want to go, we start with our core 5-Pillar Assessment.

One of our specialists will meet with you and walk through a targeted evaluation to create a high-level overview of your current IT position, reviewing key points from all 5 Pillars. This ensures we have your big picture in our sights as we develop tailored solutions for you.


From user error to malicious threat actors, cybersecurity problems cause downtime and data loss that costs your business valuable time, money, and trust.


Our comprehensive compliance solutions help you achieve and maintain compliance with multiple laws and regulations, such as CMMC, HIPAA, or GDPR and manage due diligence for your cyber insurance needs.

Managed IT

We can you help upgrade, modernize and manage your IT environment (in full, or in partnership with your internal IT) so you can focus on running your business, and not the tech that powers it.


Whether you need specific cloud apps, on-site servers, or require a hybrid approach, we can help your company build a seamless and scalable network solution.

Business Continuity

Is your business ready to maintain critical functions after an emergency or disruption. A quick recovery time is crucial. We can help establish a contingency plan to act quickly in the event of a disaster.

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Increase productivity & strengthen security w/Tailored  IT Solutions 

Organizations are expected to increase productivity and improve the bottom line all while staying up to date with the latest technologies and regulations. It’s a near impossible task! The demand for highly qualified professionals with the technical expertise needed is high and so it can be hard to find the right talent. By partnering with us, these goals are no longer unattainable. Not only do we employ the best and the brightest, but we are also able to provide a customized IT Management plan that delivers the IT and security solutions you need.