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Since 2003 BizCom Global has successfully worked with numerous small and mid-sized businesses. Our management team brings firsthand understanding of technology, operations and compliance and the ability to help companies future-proof their businesses with appropriately scaled and secured technology solutions.

To provide our customers with constructive technology tools and strategies in order to facilitate improved employee productivity and company growth, while fiercely protecting the underlying organization, its systems, and data, and helping to ensure compliance with the growing number of regulations nationally and internationally.
We envision a business technology paradigm where technology is no longer merely an “evil necessity” for operating in the current digital world, but is instead a highly valued, strategic revenue-center fostering increasingly effective employee and customer communications, data safeguarding and business growth.

BizCom owner and CEO, Mark Wiener, began working in the medical information technology arena in the late 1990s.  By 2000, he was leading a team consulting and implementing digital solutions and data governance, along with practice management tools, for customers in the medical field.  In 2003, he began to expand the company’s support beyond the medical industry, bringing early-stage digital transformation to businesses grappling with the transition into the increasingly digital world.

By late 2006, BizCom Global emerged as one of the first providers of hosted exchange server management, leveraging expertise to also provide some custom technology solution development consulting.  In 2008 BizCom Global entered what is now known as the MSP (Managed Service Provider) space. This meant more than merely providing hosting server space, BizCom Global was positioned to provide support to our customers from software licensing, hardware purchasing and general IT services.

Fast-forward to 2023. BizCom Global has been providing timely and reliable IT support to customers for nearly 20 years, enhancing cybersecurity systems, data storage, web development, and more. But with our finger firmly on the pulse of technology trends, we have continued our evolution to provide a newer framework for IT support services.  No longer content to merely fix technology when it breaks, BizCom Global has steadily worked to position ourselves as thought leaders and business-leadership allies who offer a full suite of tactical and strategic technology solutions to our customers (or, as we like to call them, our partners).  We hope you’ll check out our services pages to learn more about us and what we have to offer your business!

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