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Small and Medium-Sized Businesses, They're Coming for You!

Cybersecurity is the first of our Five Pillars because it is crucial for small and medium-sized businesses to safeguard sensitive data, maintain customer trust, and prevent financial losses in an increasingly digital and interconnected world.

In today’s world, organizations face new and sophisticated cyber threats daily. In fact, as of 2023 there are 360,000 new malware threats discovered every day. Any of these threats could spell disaster for your business, particularly if you’re an SMB. Perhaps shockingly, 43% of cyber-attacks are directed at small businesses.

Your protection is our priority. Our services come with integrated cybersecurity measures, shielding your business. Utilizing advanced machine learning, we guard against ransomware, phishing, and emerging threats. Safety and continuity are our focus, seamlessly integrated into all we do.

Team up for cybersecurity success—empower your entire team with our comprehensive security training. Did you know, each dollar spent on training significantly reduces vulnerability? Our programs offer up to 69% ROI for smaller businesses, saving you thousands and safeguarding your reputation. Equip your team to tackle cyber challenges and fortify your defenses.

Protect Your Business From:


• Ransomware attacks
• Phishing attacks.
• Stolen employee or customer data.
• Business email compromise.
• Stolen intellectual property.
• Website spoofing.
• Transferred funds.
• Costly downtime.
• Data corruption or deletion.
• Loss of customer trust.

Our Cybersecurity Team Provides:


• Direct access to our cybersecurity specialists.
• 24/7 monitoring of your network.
• Access to top threat detection and protection tools.
• Access to cybersecurity support and training to educate your team.
• Identity access management.

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