Security & Risk Management

Evaluating, analyzing, and managing the risk and security

Cyber insurance wants to know…

A cyber-insurance company will have many questions to ask you before agreeing to write a policy.

Be smart and make sure your company has taken all these steps before you apply for insurance.

  • Do you have a perimeter firewall, which is the main defense in the perimeter of your network. Firewalls are needed to find intruders and alert the network about unwanted traffic and unwanted content. The best perimeter walls prevent incoming network traffic from entering areas where you want to limit traffic. They also divert outgoing traffic from reaching undesirable external networks.
  • Do you use anti-virus software that can block, isolate, repair or delete files infected by a virus. The software should have “signature detection” that studies the “digital signature” of a computer virus.
  • Does your staff use strong, complex passwords, and does your IT department regularly install software patches that address security concerns?
  • Do you periodically dispose of older hardware and software – both vulnerable entry points.
  • Have you encrypted any mobile devices that handle sensitive or regulated data?

Important to comply

These are just some of the concerns that insurance companies will discuss before writing you a policy.

Don’t cut corners or you may find yourself without coverage at the worst possible time.



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