Information Protection

BizCom Global will develop a plan to your optimal design. Working with you, we will examine the span of your operations, the system load and capabilities of your team, and storage, capacity, data, and application availability. We will develop specific workload classifications, dependencies and security as well as foundational architecture and the overall technical design.

Information Protection

BizCom Global will work with you to determine the most effective way to transition to the optimum strategy for your company, whether it is on-premises, hybrid, cloud, or a multi-cloud strategy.

One key step is providing detailed documentation of the systems in both layperson and technical terms, so the plan can be understood and followed by all involved. Overlooking this step has derailed many projects.

Develop a detailed road map for long term implementation

  • Develop a detailed deployment strategy based on management goals.
  • Develop communication, training, and implementation plans
Create multiple “what-if “scenarios
  • Design an ideal environment for where you are and where you want to go. We will discuss which service modes will help you achieve your goals most effectively.
  • Create a financial analysis of your options.
  • Create a detailed roadmap showing how you can move towards your operational, financial, and technical goals.

Deployment strategy

BizCom Global helps you by mitigating project risks. We tell you if we think you are wasting time or financial resources because a project is ill-conceived, poorly planned or just not feasible for the organization. It’s part of our job to make sure your critical resources are not overtaxed by a failure to conduct full due diligence on a project

BizCom Global can reduce your team’s extraneous workloads and let them focus on areas that are directly within their core responsibilities.

BizCom Global’s key team members include cloud and security specialists and Office 365 specialists. These skill sets are in high demand. You don’t need to hire these people when you have the BizCom Global team supporting you.