About us

Bridging the GAP between
Obsolete & Business Future

Since 2003 BizCom has worked successfully with numerous small and mid-sized businesses.

Our management team brings firsthand understanding of technology, operations and finance and able to help companies with their future directions.


Your IT security and solutions partner that helps digitally transform your business with cloud-managed and security services

The BizCom Global team takes pride in its 15 years of service, providing our extensive technical expertise to businesses of all sizes. We utilise our technical team to implement and manage your business productivity, technology, cyber-security, and compliance solutions.

BizCom Global’s strength lies in our ability to design, implement and manage complex technical and security high availability environments relying on Microsoft Azure and Office 365 solutions. We offer businesses robust cloud environments and tools engineered for reliability performance, compliance and security. Our professional services team delivers our unique approach to digital transformation and information protection. BizCom Global also provides current environment discovery, future-proofing including road maps, migrations, management and around the clock help desk services, enabling our US-based and global customers to focus on their core business.  

Meet Our Dedicated Team

The only way to ensure your business runs smoothly every day is with great people who truly enjoy their job, dedicated to helping and protecting companies like yours, so we make sure to only hire the best…

Mark Wiener


Mark Wiener, CEO, BizCom Global has spent 30 years in the digital transformation industry even before it was a term. Focusing on bringing together Operational productivity needs, Financial compatibility, and IT standards and integration including security.

Sandeep Sehgal


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Sandy Chessick

Office Manager

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Toby Kennedy

Director Compliance Services

For over 20 years, Toby Kennedy focused on building organizations, developing talent, and implementing systems to grow businesses. As a government contractor, vendor to large corporations, and CMMC Registered Practitioner, he understands the challenges SMBs face.

Don Rodger

Sr. Project Manager

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Lauren Postyn

Director Training

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Vyacheslav Levit

Sr. Cloud Solutions Engineer

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Daniel Rosen

Business Development Manager

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Sam Wiener

Change Control Process Engineer

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Ryan Downie

Designer / Developer

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Jessika Canales

Sales and Marketing Specialist

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BizCom Global Partnerships

We work especially well with Professional Service Companies including architecture, engineering, legal, insurance, real estate government contractors as well working with specialty needs of those in large scale commercial construction and technical manufacturing industries. We fit well with firms that have 20-500 office employees. We work with companies where we are the IT department as well as those that have IT within in their organization. We serve companies across the United States and elsewhere, provided they have a base in the United States.