Web & Application Hosting

Build best-in-class WordPress site hosting and management with scalable infrastructure and a a superfast-network. Protect your site with Round-the-clock Website security. BizCom global includes fully managed and free HTTPS certificates, Enterprise grade security, automated backups, and managed updates. A site isn’t secure unless it is using the latest WordPress or plug-in releases.

Web & Application Hosting

Web Hosting

Build best-in-class WordPress site hosting and management with scalable infrastructure and a superfast network. Protect your site with Round-the-clock Website security.  BizCom global includes fully managed and free HTTPS certificates, Enterprise-grade security, automated backups, and managed updates.  A site isn’t secure unless it is using the latest WordPress or plug-in releases. 

  • Website Hosting Security Features – BizCom Global’s unique infrastructure and security capabilities deliver great online experiences.
  • Denial of service protection – DDoS Protection filtering for management of denial-of-service attacks. By filtering ongoing attacks and isolating traffic streams for each site and environment, BizCom Global prevents impact between customer websites.
  • Automated HTTPS – Keep your site and your visitors secure with TLS certificates. Certificates are managed and renewed automatically.
  • Automated backup and retention – Backups occur automatically every night.  Each backup is sent to our backup cloud partner, Acronis.   Backups are encrypted during transfer and at rest with appropriate corresponding 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard cypher modes, storing private keys and encrypted backup data on separate servers.
  • Automated site monitoring – BizCom Global proactively monitors the network, server, and application resources
  • Automated and manual updates – BizCom Global applies all WordPress and plug updates on a regular basis ensuring your site remains on current infrastructure.  We work with your team to make sure you are using plugins that we know work and remain secure.
  • Expert Support Staff – No canned responses, no site bots, live answered telephones—real developers and engineers staff our support team. These WordPress experts are always on deck to quickly identify root causes and recommend solutions.

Application Hosting 

  • BizCom Global delivers reliable, scalable security and monitoring capabilities and cost-effective computing resources. We do this through Microsoft Azure,  hosting and packaged applications.  You enjoy  choices that allow applications to be available from a remote cloud infrastructure. They can be  accessed by authorized users globally through the internet. BizCom Global will  guide you through the best resources for your needs –  production environment, or a development, staging or testing environment..
  • What is Application Hosting and why do you need it? If you have a smartphone, then you have most likely downloaded an app you’ve also used apps on your computer through websites and connections to a  service.  However, you  may not realize is that sed. must be used. t  Hosting makes the application and the data collection available from a remote cloud infrastructure that is accessed through the Internet.
  • Systems can be designed to self-managed or be managed by BizCom Global expert cloud resource team.  Either way you can get the systems you need when you need them.   Lean on our system design, storage, database and security experts to help you design, maintain and manage your ideal application hosting environment.