Security & Risk Management

Evaluating, analyzing, and managing the risk and security

Tips for smart data migration

While the cloud generally is secure, it has weak spots, too.

One vulnerable area: migrating data.

This means you must be extra cautious when moving data to and from the cloud. Be vigilant when selecting your network connections; make sure that all parties use proper tools to maintain security.

The cloud is still relatively new, but more and more organizations are becoming proficient in security. 

One smart step is to emphasize security even before the data is moved to the cloud. This will reduce flaws and increase consistency.

Mark Wiener


Mark Wiener, CEO, BizCom Global has spent 30 years in the digital transformation industry even before it was a term.  Focusing on bringing together Operational productivity needs, Financial compatibility and IT standards and integration including security.  He works with companies from the halls of the fortune 500 down to the local mom and pop business focusing on how companies looking through the lens of a cloud first strategy can help achieve improved operational performance with planned and proper implementation of technology which include appropriate cybersecurity controls.

Mark prides himself on his ability to really listen to the customer, honestly assess their needs, and work relentlessly to assure the final solution exceeds the customer’s expectations.

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