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Stop common phishing tricks

Cyber-attacks often are made possible by unaware employees going to the wrong website or opening a bad link.

But there are steps to limit or avert damage.

Phishing emails may lure employees with offers of quick riches, free gift cards or other tugs at the emotions. Some even offer pictures and videos of animals.

Employees need to be reminded that if an e-mail offer sounds too good to be true, it’s bound to be false.

Other tricksters send links to bogus websites that contain tainted versions of legitimate websites.

Some hackers have used the telephone and posed as fellow employees or bosses seeking data. Don’t do anything until you have double-checked this request with your IT department or other company officials.

Report attacks quickly

If you get duped, report it immediately. Your IT department can often blunt or dodge an attack if given enough notice.

Keep the suspicious email – do not delete it – and keep your computer on.

Meanwhile, companies can avoid or reduce these phishing expeditions. 

They can train employees in ways to detect bogus emails and links, and they can institute ways to constantly monitor their systems for suspicious activity.

Mark Wiener


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