Security & Risk Management

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Smart steps for better cyber-security

The ongoing explosion of cybercrime means companies must improve security to avoid costly attacks.

Some steps can be taken immediately.

Expand limits on which employees can access data and use the company’s network. Consider what can go wrong when employees work remotely or outside normal working hours.

Check vendors to see if they are prepared for a cyber-attack, which could ripple into your organization. Encourage them to take steps if they aren’t ready. 

One expensive lesson we have learned from cybercriminals: They can take the smallest of breaches and generate activity that threatens a company’s finances and its future.

Other, deeper steps will take time, planning and money: new security tools, better infrastructure, more cloud migration.

Include all employees

Cybersecurity works best when all your employees are trained and alert for possible attacks and weaknesses.

MIT Sloan Management Review recommends cyber training and periodic exercises to keep the issues in the forefront for your organization.

“Employees need to be informed of new cyber risks and reminded of their role in effectively preventing, detecting, responding to, and recovering from cyber-attacks.”

This should include walk-throughs for remote, hybrid and in-house staffers.

“Training programs should cover new threats, rules for approved device and data use, and processes to report suspected cyber incidents,” the review said.

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