Smart steps for better cyber-security

The ongoing explosion of cybercrime means companies must improve security to avoid costly attacks. Some steps can be taken immediately. Expand limits on which employees can access data and use the company’s network. Consider what can go wrong when employees work remotely or outside normal working hours. Check vendors to see if they are prepared […]

Tips for smart data migration

While the cloud generally is secure, it has weak spots, too. One vulnerable area: migrating data. This means you must be extra cautious when moving data to and from the cloud. Be vigilant when selecting your network connections; make sure that all parties use proper tools to maintain security. The cloud is still relatively new, […]

Cyber insurance rates are rising

You can expect costs for cyber insurance to jump sharply as ransomware attacks continue. “The cyber insurance market could double over the next three to four years, and 2021 rates could rise as much as 50percent higher,” according to Marsh, a leading insurance broker. In addition to high-profile companies like Colonial Pipeline, hackers target many […]

More tips on increasing security

Training employees on computer security is only one important step toward improving your defences against cyberattacks. The Journal of Accountancy had numerous tips on other smart preventive actions to increase security in offices and workplaces. Here are four: Consider encrypting email. Replace old computers, which are more vulnerable to cyberattacks. Use cloud computing, which often […]

In-house mistakes can open your company to security breaches

Huge security breaches like Colonial Pipeline get the big headlines, but many small to medium size businesses also get hacked. One big reason: A company’s own employees unwittingly open the door to hackers. Human errors and accidental losses lead to many data breaches, which can be especially fatal to small and medium-sized businesses. They click […]