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Hybrid IT approach offers advantages

Can’t decide between outsourcing all your information technology or maintaining an in-house staff?

There’s a third solution, which is ideal for many small and medium businesses: Go hybrid.

A hybrid system lets you have an in-house staff on hand while at the same time you enjoy the help of a managed services provider on call as needed.

This blend of resources is especially valuable as we face a world of 24/7 expectations, cyber crime and other challenges.

Mix and match

With this approach, you can determine the ideal number of in-house IT staff while knowing that your managed services partner will fill the gaps and provide added expertise as well. You can ramp up or ramp down as needed.

Another advantage: With many employees working remotely, security concerns increase. Managed IT firms have the tools and personnel to quickly detect and shut down security oversights.

Managed service firms often can handle reboots, login challenges and laptop crashes more quickly than an in-house staffer who already has a length list of daily tasks.

And managed services providers have the staff to stay abreast of the latest technological developments and security challenges, things that an IT staff might not be equipped to handle.

They are especially helpful for organizations that use Microsoft 365 and other tools to manage applications and data.

And their breadth of experience and contacts lets managed services provide valuable advice and work smartly with in-house IT staffs.

Cost affordable

With managed services you only pay for the work it does – perhaps heavy during prime seasons but little or nothing in off-seasons.

And managed services mean you don’t need to make large capital IT expenditures.

These are some of the reasons why many small and medium companies are switching to a hybrid arrangement to maximize their IT capabilities.

Mark Wiener


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