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How cybercrime affects us all

Surviving a cyber-attack is just one part of the challenges raised by hackers.

Your organization must restore backups and take steps to ensure hackers can’t penetrate your system again.

The effects can reach far beyond your organization –meat and fuel supplies may be reduced, for example, and the general public inconvenienced.

Worse yet, hackers love to hold hospitals hostage, endangering lives.

Fighting hackers

The United States is part of the “Group of Seven” countries working together on solutions.

And the nonprofit Institute for Security and Technology has formed a Ransomware Task Force that is developing strategies for tackling the dramatically increasing and evolving threat of ransomware.

“Ransomware is not just financial extortion; it is a crime that transcends business, government, academic, and geographic boundaries. It has disproportionately impacted the healthcare industry during the COVID pandemic and has shut down schools, hospitals, police stations, city governments, and U.S. military facilities. It is also a crime that funnels both private funds and tax dollars toward global criminal organizations,” the task force said. 

“Tackling ransomware will not be easy; there is no silver bullet for solving this challenge. Most ransomware criminals are based in nation-states that are unwilling or unable to prosecute this cybercrime, and because ransoms are paid through cryptocurrency, they are difficult to trace.

“This global challenge demands an “all hands on deck” approach, with support from the highest levels of government.”

Mark Wiener


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