Resiliency & Recovery

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2 key steps to protect your system

Backup & Redundancy.

These are two of the smartest and best steps you can take to protect your organization from cyber attacks or other disasters.

Proper backup and redundancy will allow your company to ride out the attack and keep functioning.


English teachers don’t like redundancy in their writing students, but IT departments treasure redundancy because it provides reinforcements to the computer system. 

Do you want to keep employees productive and your business moving through an attack or other problem? 

Make your network stronger with redundant switches and routers that minimize lost time.

Add sites that will also house your data safe even if your main location is hit by cybercriminals, extreme storms or other problems. This tactic, known as “colocation,” is a great way to protect your data whether you’re dealing with attackers or power blackouts.


Copy data, network information and other important details to be stored off-network. Then you will have them handy if your system encounters a problem. 

These backup measures give you breathing room if you must retrieve lost files and deal with infected systems. Backups should be stored off-site to ensure their safety.

Why they are valuable

With ransomware crippling many businesses, redundancy and backup are essential even though they require time and money. 

As Benjamin Franklin put it, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Mark Wiener


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2 key steps to protect your system

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