Software licensing is an extremely complicated. topic . Ununderstanding the basics of software licensing can help you make sense of all that fine print.


Software licensing is extremely complicated.  Understanding the basics of software licensing can help you make sense of all that fine print.

A software license is an agreement between you and the owner of a software program that allows you to do certain things that would otherwise be an infringement of copyright law. The software license usually answers questions such as;

  • Where and how and how often can you install the program? How long you can use the software?
    • Who can use the software?
    • What machines/ environments can access the software?
    • Can it be used on multiple computers for the same user?
    • Can people share the right to use the software?
  • Can you copy, modify, or redistribute it?
  • Can you look at the underlying source code?

BizCom Global helps eliminate your IT nightmare of software licensing.  Our qualified Licensing Engineers help you select the best productivity suites for your business., BizCom Global helps companies of all sizes maximize the value of software licenses, cloud or on-premise, at the lowest possible costs. Our partnerships with industry-leading vendors enable us to match your organization needs with the technology solution that best fits your goals and business environment.

We help you license the software you need for your business. We help you do this in a manner that balances your business needs, cost requirements and licensing compliance. These come together to create a software solution that is customized to you and works as intended.

Many of our customers “own” software licenses, however, often meet the licensing requirements. This can have significant financial ramifications from a few thousand dollars over $1 million in compliance fees.

You may have been contacted by Microsoft or other vendors regarding a Software Asset Management (SAM) Audit. It may include asking you to complete a complicated Excel workbook or run software in your environment. STOP before you do anything.

  1. You need to immediately notify your internal financial, legal and technical teams that this audit is occurring.
  2. You should contact a trusted vendor with SAM audit experience like BizCom Global. We can help you through this process and explain where you are. We will address areas of deficiency and see if we can help you close the gap prior to the audit submission.

We also;

  • Correspond with the SAM team on your behalf
  • Complete an independent licensing check on your systems
  • Provide a licensing package that gets you in compliance (at minimal cost)
  • Compile licensing package to satisfy SAM compliance report
  • Provide a growth roadmap and prospective budget

We can resolve your headache and get you back to your real work without further interruption.