Compliance is anything you are required to do –due to laws, government regulations, industry requirements, licensing standards, cyber insurance policies or contracts.


What is Compliance?

Compliance is anything you are required to do –due to laws, government regulations, industry requirements, licensing standards, cyber insurance policies or contracts.

What would you do if:

  • You lost your biggest contract due to not being compliant?
  • Your insurance refused to cover a $3 million cybersecurity claim? 
  • You can’t qualify for potential new business or a cyber insurance policy?
  • Your license was suspended?
  • You face a lawsuit from a major client?

Let us show you how to simplify your compliance processes and reduce risks:

Regular Comprehensive Risk Assessments

Compliance is a continuous part of business operations. Our CassS solution includes ongoing monitoring and audits of your physical, technical and administrates risks to pinpoint areas that need attention.

Documented Evidence of Compliance

Variable proof is a requirement and often the biggest challenge. We ensure you have all the documentation and audit logos required to validate due diligence efforts.

Avoid Claim Denials and Reduce Premiums

Insurance companies reward businesses that demonstrate proactive and preventive security controls. Maintaining due care security requirements can also help you avoid costly denied claims.

Customized Remediation Plans

We understand that no two businesses are alike, even within the same industry. That is why we provide compensation remediation plans that are customized to address the specific needs or risks to your business.

Reduced Security Risks

Gearing up for compliance is a win-win situation. Compliance regulations require increased data privacy and security measures, ultimately fortifying your business in the process.

Certification & Audit Prep

Preparation and planning are key to passing the certification. We walk you through every step of the process to make sure your business is on track to meet certification requirements and is fully prepared for an audit. 

Why It Matters: Our comprehensive compliance solutions help you achieve and maintain compliance with multiple laws and regulations, such as CMMC, HIPAA, or GDPR and manage due diligence for your cyber insurance needs. 

Compliance is closely related to, but different than Cybersecurity. The good news is that robust cybersecurity practices, processes, and systems support compliance and vice-versa; they are a necessary step, however, they are not sufficient for compliance without further actions.

What types of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) need to worry about compliance and cybersecurity? (Hint: It’s Everyone) 

  • If you are applying for or renewing cyber insurance policies
  • Professional service companies (e.g., engineers, architects, lawyers, doctors, accountants, etc.) have licensing and professional standards to meet 
  • Government contractors are subject to NIST 800-171, CMMC and DFARS
  • Physicians, Dentists, medical practices are subject to HIPAA – as potentially are companies or vendors who work with them (e.g., Business Associates)
  • Anyone who handles credit cards or payment is subject to PCI

Our Compliance Producs (click to view)

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Why use us?

BizCom Global is an IT and Cybersecurity Cloud & Managed Services Provider (CSP/MSP) with 19 years providing services and acting as a trusted advisor for small to medium-sized businesses in engineering, software development, manufacturing, legal, medical, insurance and finance. We’ve been there – our staff understand the challenges of owning and running a business and dealing with government contracts and regulations. We specialize in balancing business needs and productivity, IT & managed services, cybersecurity, compliance, and regulatory issues. 

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