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You Don't Know What You Don't Know

Right now, you may be seriously exposed to the dark side of the dark web. Cyber thugs are out there now looking for companies just like yours, hoping that you’ve left a back door open for them to walk right in and steal your data.

Finding the Holes Helps You Mitigate Risk

A Cyber Assessment will identify all the holes in your security posture, and make recommendations for closing them down BEFORE the cyber criminals can get in and steal your data, install malware or encrypt all of your information and hold it for ransom.

When this Cybersecurity Risk Assessment is complete, you will know:
  • If your and your employees’ login credentials are for sale on the Dark Web (You will be SHOCKED at what is out there and for sale RIGHT NOW!).
  • If your company’s confidential information has already been exposed. (We KNOW many company’s who have had their financial information, personnel records and patents being sold on the Dark Web).
  • If your network and data are REALLY protected from cybercriminals, ransomware, viruses and careless or rogue employees. (We can virtually GUARANTEE that it is NOT)
  • If your current backup is safe from ransomware and get you back up and running again FAST. (In the last 6 months we have NOT FOUND A SINGLE BACKUP that has been protected!).
  • Can you or your employees spot a phishing e-mail? (CEO’s, HR, Payroll, and Administrative Assistants are PRIME TARGETS for phishing AND phishing the NUMBER ONE way hackers get in!).
  • If your systems and company meet applicable compliance requirements like NY SHIELD, CCPA, GLBA, 23 NYCRR 500, HIPAA, etc. (EVERY STATE has a law that requires you to comply!).

At the end of the assessment, you’ll get 2 reports; a Risk Report and a Work Plan. Together they provide a complete picture of what we discovered during the assessment with specific recommendations about what you should do to close these security gaps and vulnerabilities and remove the threats you may not be aware of.
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