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We help combat:

  • If your and your employees’ login credentials are for sale on the Dark Web (You will be SHOCKED at what is out there and for sale RIGHT NOW!).
  • If your company’s confidential information has already been exposed. (We KNOW many company’s who have had their financial information, personnel records and patents being sold on the Dark Web).
  • Keep your backup is safe from ransomware and get you back up and running again FAST. ( RARE that BACKUPS are  protected!).  
  • Can you or your employees spot a phishing e-mail? (CEO’s, HR, Payroll, and Administrative Assistants are PRIME TARGETS for phishing AND the NUMBER ONE way that hackers get in!).
  • Concerned that your employees may delete their email before they leave, make sure there is email backup plans in place. (This is a problem when employees exit the company, protect yourself)

What's Included:

  • Dark Web Domain Monitoring
  • Domain Compliance Monitoring
  • Advanced Endpoint Protection
  • Advanced Email Protection
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Weekly Security Shorts
  • Simulated Phishing Attacks -to Keep Employees on their Toes
  • Workstation Backup
  • Cloud Data – 100GB/employee
  • Office 365 or Gsuite Backup


$65 /user/month  5 User Minimum
Volume Discount 25 users - 15%
50 users - 20%
100 users - 25%
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