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Cyberthreats are constantly emerging and evolving. As a result, you need a comprehensive approach to protect against today’s advanced threats. CyberSafe 360 can help empower your business into a healthier cybersecurity and compliance atmosphere.

With features including:

  • Continuous Dark Web monitoring
  • Unlimited security awareness training
  • Automated weekly refresher training
  • Simulated Phishing campaigns
  • Incident recording tool
  • Risk Assessment reviewed by one of our cybersecurity professionals, with recommendations for improvements
  • Comprehensive library of IT-related policies to build your own cybersecurity policy guide

Dark Web Monitoring

Deep Diveris our Dark Web Monitoring engine. Ever-vigilant, Deep Diver continually monitors the Dark Web for compromised credentials and Personal Identifying Information. When a new breach is identified on the Dark Web, it is scanned for the domains or email addresses you are monitoring and alerts you to the leaked information. Forewarned is forearmed – once you know what information is compromised, you can take appropriate action to close the loop and keep yourself and your business secure.

Unlimited Security Awareness Training

The first and last line of cybersecurity is always the end user. Our cybersecurity awareness training program is designed to better arm your employees with knowledge and techniques to keep them prepared for the worst cybersecurity attacks. Even better, you can reinforce your training with our “Security Shorts”, an ongoing series of training reminders and refreshers that help keep the organization up to date with the latest security trends and issues.

Simulated Phishing Campaigns

The best defense is a good offense—in the cybersecurity world that means making sure that all your employees are trained to be on guard. Our Phishing simulation campaign tool allows you to generate multiple test emails to ensure your employees are staying alert, detecting and avoiding phishing attacks, giving you a snapshot of how effective your training has been.


A comprehensive set of policy templates to cover the full security needs of your organization. Create, update, and maintain the latest set of policies for your organization, with complete traceability and accountability. You can store the policies in the portal, as well as distributing them to your employees, with acknowledgement required, via the communication tool built into the CyberSafe 360 portal. You can even track who has acknowledged receipt of the policy and who hasn’t.

Risk Assessment

Complete the thorough organizational IT profile, and one of our cybersecurity professionals will review the Risk Assessment report generated by CyberSafe 360, and will present back to you the report along with recommendations for next steps. Our Risk Assessment report is fully compliant to NIST standards, allowing you to maintain appropriate compliance as needed.

It is well known that even small- and medium-sized businesses are vulnerable to cyber-attacks

The need for safeguarding against cybercrime and cyber terrorism has never been greater. As the cyber risk landscape continues to grow and evolve at an alarming rate, it is imperative that as a business owner, your organization embeds cybersecurity capabilities within your systems at every stage of your development process.

The CyberSafe 360 Portal is the ultimate one-stop source for technical knowledge, guidance, and best practices on cybersecurity, pulling together the latest standards and reference works from the world’s most respected publishers and leading authorities.

Starting as low as $249 for up to 25 employees

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